biomcmc-lib  0.1
low level library for phylogenetic analysis
topology_distance.h File Reference

branch length operations on topologies, including patristic distances More...

#include "topology_common.h"
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distance_matrix new_distance_matrix_for_topology (int nleaves)
 allocate memory for a new distance_matrix that will be used on topologies
void fill_distance_matrix_from_topology (distance_matrix dist, topology tree, double *blen, bool use_upper)
 fill in distance_matrix with the patristic distances from topology (can be used with distinct branch length vectors to fill upper and lower diagonals
void patristic_distances_from_topology_to_vectors (topology tree, double **dist, double *scaling, int n_dists, double tolerance)
 calculates rescaled patristic distances returning up to 6 distinct 1D vectors #dist (externally allocated) The 'tolerance' is the minimum branch length to be considered a multifurcation (length zero)
int * create_vector_with_idx_leaves_below_for_patristic (topology tree)
 similar to an Euler tour, has list of leaves below each node
void estimate_topology_branch_lengths_from_distances (topology tree, double *dist)
double * new_topology_branch_lengths_from_distances (topology tree, double *dist)
void correct_negative_branch_lengths_from_topology (topology t, double *blength)

Detailed Description

branch length operations on topologies, including patristic distances