biomcmc-lib  0.1
low level library for phylogenetic analysis
Data Fields
hungarian_struct Struct Reference

Data Fields

int ** cost
int size
 cost matrix
int initial_cost
 assignment size. Cost is a square matrix, so size should be an overestimate where "missing" nodes are added w/ cost zero
int final_cost
 sum of lowest input cost values for each column. The hungarian method rescales them so that minimum per column is zero
int * col_mate
 our final cost is on rescaled cost matrix, therefore to restore the "classical" optimal cost one should sum it with initial_cost
int * unchosen_row
int * slack_row
int * row_mate
int * parent_row
double ** dcost
 col_mate[row] with column match for row
double initial_dcost
double final_dcost
double * row_dec_d
 costs when working with float numbers instead of integers
double * col_inc_d
double * slack_d
int * row_dec
int * col_inc
int * slack
bool is_double

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