biomcmc-lib  0.1
low level library for phylogenetic analysis
Data Fields
hll_estimate_s Struct Reference

#include <hll.h>

Data Fields

double alpha
uint16_t n_buckets
uint16_t n_empty_buckets
uint64_t estimate
uint64_t hll_estimate
uint64_t small_range_estimate
uint64_t large_range_estimate

Detailed Description

Estimation result data structure

Field Documentation

◆ n_buckets

uint16_t hll_estimate_s::n_buckets


◆ n_empty_buckets

uint16_t hll_estimate_s::n_empty_buckets

Number of buckets

◆ estimate

uint64_t hll_estimate_s::estimate

Number of empty buckets

◆ hll_estimate

uint64_t hll_estimate_s::hll_estimate

Final estimated cardinality

◆ small_range_estimate

uint64_t hll_estimate_s::small_range_estimate

HLL estimated cardinaloty, before any correction

◆ large_range_estimate

uint64_t hll_estimate_s::large_range_estimate

Small range estimated cardinality

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