biomcmc-lib  0.1
low level library for phylogenetic analysis
Data Fields
biomcmc_rng_struct Struct Reference

Random number structure (combined Tausworthe algorithm) More...

#include <random_number.h>

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Data Fields

rng_taus_struct taus
rng_mt19937_struct mt
 Tausworthe linear feedback shift-register from GSL.
uint64_t bit32
 64 bits Mersenne Twister from Matsumoto's webpage
bool have_bit32
 temporary values when only 32 bits are necessary
double rnorm32
 when using 32 bits we first check if we have one stored
double rnorm64
bool have_rnorm32
 stored standard normal random values with 32 and 52 bits of precision
bool have_rnorm64

Detailed Description

Random number structure (combined Tausworthe algorithm)

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