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prob_distribution_aux.h File Reference

Auxiliary (low level) functions for prob_distribution.c. More...

#include "prob_distribution.h"
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#define R_LN2   0.693147180559945309417232121458 /* ln(2) */
#define R_PI   3.141592653589793238462643383280 /* pi */
#define R_2PI   6.283185307179586476925286766559 /* 2*pi */
#define R_EXP_M1   0.367879441171442321595523770161 /* exp(-1) = 1/e */
#define R_SQRT_32   5.656854249492380195206754896838 /* sqrt(32) */
#define R_1_SQRT_2PI   0.398942280401432677939946059934 /* 1/sqrt(2*pi) */
#define R_LN_SQRT_2PI   0.918938533204672741780329736406 /* log(sqrt(2*pi)) = log(2*pi)/2 */
#define R_LN_SQRT_PId2   0.225791352644727432363097614947 /* log(sqrt(pi/2)) */


double lgammacor (double x)
int chebyshev_init (const double *dos, int nos, double eta)
double chebyshev_eval (double x, const double *a, const int n)
void gammalims (double *xmin, double *xmax)
double logcf (double x, double i, double d, double eps)
double lgamma1p (double a)
double dpois_wrap (double x_plus_1, double lambda, bool log_p)
double dpois_raw (double x, double lambda, bool log_p)
double stirlerr (double n)
double bd0 (double x, double np)
double pgamma_smallx (double x, double alph, bool log_p)
double pd_upper_series (double x, double y, bool log_p)
double pd_lower_series (double lambda, double y)
double pd_lower_cf (double i, double d)
double dpnorm (double x, double lp)
double ppois_asymp (double x, double lambda, bool log_p)
double pgamma_raw (double x, double alph, bool log_p)
double qchisq_appr (double p, double nu, double g, bool log_p, double tol)
void pnorm_both (double x, double *cum, double *ccum, int i_tail, bool log_p)
double do_poisson_search (double y, double *z, double p, double lambda, double incr)


const double pInf = 1./0.
const double mInf = -1./0.
const double NaN = 0./0.
const double scalefactor = 115792089237316195423570985008687907853269984665640564039457584007913129639936.
const double M_cutoff = R_LN2 * DBL_MAX_EXP / DBL_EPSILON

Detailed Description

Auxiliary (low level) functions for prob_distribution.c.