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empirical_frequency.h File Reference

Creates a histogram of a vector, ordered by frequency. More...

#include "char_vector.h"
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Data Structures

struct  empfreq_element
struct  empfreq_double_element
struct  empfreq_struct
struct  empfreq_double_struct


typedef struct empfreq_structempfreq
typedef struct empfreq_double_structempfreq_double


void sort_empfreq_decreasing (empfreq ef)
void sort_empfreq_increasing (empfreq ef)
void sort_empfreq_double_decreasing (empfreq_double efd)
void sort_empfreq_double_increasing (empfreq_double efd)
empfreq new_empfreq (int n_elements)
void del_empfreq (empfreq ef)
empfreq_double new_empfreq_double (int n_elements)
void del_empfreq_double (empfreq_double efd)
empfreq new_empfreq_sort_decreasing (void *vec, int n, char type)
empfreq new_empfreq_sort_increasing (void *vec, int n, char type)
empfreq_double new_empfreq_double_sort_decreasing (double *vec, int n)
empfreq_double new_empfreq_double_sort_increasing (double *vec, int n)
empfreq new_empfreq_from_int (int *vec, int n)
empfreq new_empfreq_from_int_weighted (int *vec, int n, int *weight)
int find_mode_int (int *vec, int n)
int find_mode_int_weighted (int *vec, int n, int *weight)

Detailed Description

Creates a histogram of a vector, ordered by frequency.

Sorts a vector of integers by their frequencies, preserving their original indexes. It is a simple extension to qsort where the original order can be reconstructed, or still a key/value sorting.